Fun Art Blog to Follow

The blog that I’ve found for my high school art students to follow is, Its Nice That.


It is a blog about contemporary art edited from London which gives it a more international slant (and cool spelling like “programme”).  It visually looks sophisticated and has a following of 300,000 so it will be around for awhile.  It is also updated daily and has been around since 2007, so I think they’ve got the kinks worked out of their system.

I think students would enjoy reading the posts.  I would initially use it as an extra-credit resource.  Perhaps students could write reflections on the articles or mimic some of the regular activities on the blog such as “things people sent us” by cataloguing some of the things they’ve received that month and what that says about them.

Its a sophisticated blog, so I think they could learn a lot from its style and tone as well as being exposed to a more wordily view of art than they could encounter locally.


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