Interrelated Arts Video Assignment


Curiously this assignment came directly after doing the readings and exploring Teacher Tube (amongst others such as BBC and CNN sites for videos).  I have found plenty of videos on YouTube, but am often looking for something a little more academic in tone. I was excited to learn about these other sites, but when exploring the other sites I was a little disappointed that so little content was available in my field.  Admittedly my research was rather cursory.  I was disappointed by the BBC site because they had very few videos that I could watch as someone situated outside of England.

Even Teacher Tube (which I had great hopes for) was rather disappointing, but found a “gem” amongst the listings.  I found the following video for a class that I co-teach that combines art, music and theater.  We are always trying to come up with new projects that combine the arts.  The video I found combines music and visual art to explore the Baroque period.

What I love about this video is that it is short and isn’t very good.  The image quality is poor, but it does give students an idea of how the arts are “interrelated”.   Because of its modest quality, I think it would be interesting to discuss with students how it could be better and then give the assignment.

I would use this video as a sample to introduce a lesson where students are challenged to create a 4 to 5 minute video exploring a specific artistic movement and explaining how it was exemplified in visual art, drama and music.  There would be very specific historic criteria to be covered in their videos and the image quality and sound quality should show a level of sophistication concurrent with their grade level.  These videos would be assessed by their peers for content and production values.

I think this video gives just enough of a hint as to expectations without being intimidating to students.  I am glad I found it and am looking forward to using it.


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