Prezi + Paint brushes

I teach a f2f art class for high school and am taking this class to learn new technology.  I tried out Prezi, and decided to use its fun and casual format to address a subject that isn’t my favorite to lecture about, namely paintbrush maintenance.  In this presentation I aimed for an informative, but light hearted approach.  Here is a link to my Prezi:

The learning curve was a little steep at first for me.  I spent about an hour or so, trying to figure it out and then gave up.  I went back the next evening after looking at some of the help videos about how to upload images and was much more successful.  Basically you just have to think of it like a PowerPoint.  Once I realized that, and how to insert images, it went really smoothly.  I think I would definitely use it again, but mostly for topics that are a little less academic than what I do with PowerPoint.

I am glad I tried it.  I think students will enjoy the graphic templates that makes it look very sophisticated.  I hope you enjoy.


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