YouTube can’t be beat…

I have been attending a course to learn to teach AP Studio Art.  One of our assignments was to create a collage based on a piece of art in the Art Institute of Chicago.  Since I am in this Tech Tools course, I ventured into collage via YouTube.  I had many technical struggles. My iMovie is very selective about who it communicates with.  Apparently it doesn’t like talking to Garage Band, or iPhoto and barely even YouTube.  But after about 12 hours of monkeying around I created this 3 minute video about Charles Ray’s piece, “Sterling“, shown below.


I would definitely use YouTube as a medium for students to create work, and for me to deliver content, however, the learning curve can be steep if you are trying to do anything very inventive.  I also really object to talking head videos.  They are boring for students.  Why don’t they do a podcast instead?


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